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Revolutionary Cloud Based Android Attendance System

Attendance Management System is a path breaking Cloud based App developed to take and track daily student attendance in schools, colleges and institutes. It facilitates to access the attendance information of a particular student in a particular class. The purpose of developing vAttendance is to digitize the traditional way of taking attendance in institutions. Our Student Attendance System Software also enables parents and management with monitoring and tracking capabilities. Another purpose for developing this App is to generate the reports real time with the click of a single button. The system being developed is economic with respect to School or College’s point of view. It is cost effective in the sense that has eliminated the paper work completely. The system is also time effective because the calculations are automated which are made with a click of single button. The result obtained contains minimum errors and are highly accurate as required. The technical requirement for the system is economic and it does not use any other additional Hardware and software. The system working is quite easy to use and learn due to its simple but attractive interface. User requires no special training for operating the system. So, transform your Android device into a mobile attendance tracking system with our Android Attendance Software.

vAttendance Features


Cloud Based Attendance Portal

Designed & Deployed for cutting edge Cloud Computing platform ensuring you 100% uptime guarantee & security.


Information Delivered, Real Time

Get instant access to all your attendanc data with click of a single button.


Integrated Reporting Module

Get customized reports that work for you. Export options available for a variety of formats including Excel & PDF


Android Driven

vAttendance is powered by a feature rich Android Attendance Software. Take your attendance with you, where ever you go.


Zero Paper Work

Do away with complex paperwork and complicated data integration. Go Digital, go green.


Multi-Role Users

Simple role based access to information. vAttendance provides seperate logins for Teacher, Parent, Student & Administarators.


SMS/Email Notification

vAttendance provides flexible notification system that allows you to send attendance updates via SMS/Email.


No Extra Hardware Required

vAttendance requires only a working internet connection. There are No SETUP Expenses. Just configure your data and you are ready.

Attendances Recorded


Total Users


Avg Monthly Attendances


Total Online Users


Get Started in 3 Simple Steps

Yes, that easy!



Upload your user data using an intuitive interface. Just a simple csv file, and you are good to go!



Define your courses and assign users. You can assign individually or in bulk.



Download the app and get going! Start marking and tracking the attendance instantly.

vAttendance Portal

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